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Exterior Layout Interior Layout CBOX Advantages Over Competitors 1 ➤ 3.0mm THC Q235B Steel Frame-Long For 30 Years Life Time CBOX shipping Containers all adopt Q235B cold-rolled steel frames with a thickness of 3mm, which is stronger than the 2-2.5mm steel used in the industry and 10-15 Years Life Time. 2 ➤ Angle Piece Drainage Patent The CBOX shipping Containers adopt the corner pieces of independent patent design. The product can achieve rapid and large-scale drainage. Avoid rainwater accumulation on the roof, water seepage, roof collapse, and other problems, effectively prolonging the service life of the product. 3 ➤ 1.4mm HTC Full Welding Blind Wave Roof-99.99% No Leakage Compared with the common spot welding flat roof in the industry, the Cbox Container roof has a faster draining capacity and a stronger load-bearing capacity. Full welding solves the common water leakage problem of this type of product 4 ➤ 270g/㎡ THC Double-sided Galvanizing Compared with the 40g/㎡ galvanizing commonly used in the industry. CBOX Container has stronger rust and corrosion resistance.   5 ➤ Products are Welded by ABB Automatic Welding Machine 1) Stabilize and improve the welding quality, which can reflect the welding quality in numerical form; 2) Improve labor productivity; 3) Improve the labor intensity of workers and work in harmful environments; 4) Reduce the requirements for workers' operating skills; 5) Shorten the preparation cycle for product modification and replacement, and reduce the corresponding equipment investment. View More Cbox Advantages Here Ways to Install     C.BOX Service Process INQUIRY >> View Similar Case
Dec 15, 2020
Aug 27, 2019

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